Friday, 20 October 2017

Living green facades thanks to Stainless Steel mesh system

Leading garden wall and sustainable vertical garden specialist Fytogreen relies on cabling and stainless steel mesh systems from Tensile to support their green fa├žades.

Fytogreen also developed a lightweight, mineral based soil for their roof gardens. For their vertical garden system, Fytogreen uses hydroponic foam with no soil particles to move or organics to decay. These ecologically sustainable vertical gardens allow plants capable of functioning within the design of the vertical garden system to live out their natural lifecycle.

For projects involving green facades, Fytogreen uses planter boxes specifically designed for the use of their lightweight soils or hydroponic panels supported by Tensile’s cabling and stainless steel mesh systems.

Salvo Property Group - Somerville - Victoria - Australia
203 planter boxes were pre-grown at Fytogreen’s nursery facility in Somerville for 9 months. The planting pallet comprised of 5 species with the aspect facing west and north.
Roof/Wall Size: 1 700.00m²

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