Monday, 21 March 2016

weeeeeeeee!!!! a five-storey stainless steel slide.

A five-storey stainless steel slide has been installed in struggling Shanghai shopping mall. Consumers can now drop from top floor designer stores to ground floor boutiques at death-defying speeds.

Social media users have expressed concern over the slide’s potential to cause serious injury or even death to those who use it. The store has agreed to have the slide tested to ensure it is safe to use before opening to the public. China is notorious for its lax health and safety rules along with rapid development leading to preventable disastrous accidents.

The trip from top to bottom of the slide reportedly takes just 16 seconds. Children need to be over three-foot-tall and at least three years old to use the slide.

Yao Jin, who lives near the mall, told the Shanghai Daily the slide looked “fun” but that she had reservations about it.

“My son was very ex­cited and very interested to have a try, but I still have some concerns about its safety,” Yao Jin said.

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