Friday, 7 August 2015

What are the benefits of wearing Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is incredibly ductile, which means it can be drawn out into a thin wire without losing its toughness. Many stainless steel manufacturers produce stainless steel mesh that is fine enough and pliable enough to wear.

Stainless steel clothing is thermal and radiation resistant, so it is often used in the electrical and textiles industries.

Stainless steel thread is a key component in the tech industry and is often used in touchscreen gloves. Capacitive touchscreens can detect the presence of an electrically conductive object (such as a finger). Stainless steel gloves conduct electricity in a way that mimics a finger’s electrical current.

ncreasingly common today are stainless steel fibers in clothing, including radiation protection for pregnant women. Stainless steel yarns are woven, braided, and knit into many industrial fabrics. For additional variety, stainless steel yarns are twisted with other fibers such as wool, nylon, cotton, and synthetic blends to produce yarns which add novelty effects to the end cloth. Other uses include tire cord, missile nose cones, work clothing such as protective suits, space suits, and cut resistant gloves for butchers and other people working near bladed or dangerous machinery.

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